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This deceptive path    Love and Betrayal   
By: Andrew S Tuinstra    
"I am empty inside,
though I am fulfilled with her. ..."
Take My Hand    Love Rekindled   
By: Angel2    
"Take my hand, my dear.
Take it and I'll guide you along a path of happiness. ..."
the pain of love    The Pains of Love   
By: sassy elizabeth angel    
"i'm alone, sitting here crying
depressed watching you with ..."
Tale of Tears    Love and Betrayal   
By: Vaa Lufi Matua    
" The first tear was my fault,
Apology given, I new I had blown it this time. ..."
Another Lost War    The Power of Love   
By: Norman Dean VanPelt    
"Can't you see the tears falling
from my eyes, ..."
Green    Secret Love   
By: Jenna McMurdy    
"I've walked 'cross that pathway a million times
I know the twist and turns and still I walk ..."
I'd Stay For You    Entrapped by Love   
By: Alyssa Anne Vitry    
"At night while I sleep I find
Dreams of you invade my mind ..."
A Confused Girl    Love and Doubt   
By: Ashley Ann Bellow    
"If breaking up with him
wasn't supposed to be that bad, ..."
For my dear uncle    Love and Death   
By: Parrish Jessica Earles    
"In Love of my life,
In grief of what we lost, ..."
Love Is...    Love Described   
By: Phillip Gregory Watson    
"Love is honored,
And is to be charmed, ..."
Time    Love Described   
By: Matthew Edward Engelken    
"Time slowly passes by, I'm always thinking of you,
Wondering if you?re ok, if not what to do. ..."
MY DEAREST FRIEND    Love Between Friends   
The Question of love    Love Fantasy   
By: Amber Michelle Slocum    
"When I lay here I begin to think about you and I.
I start to think are you the one I want to spend the rest of my life with? ..."
Untitled    For That Special Someone   
By: Moe    
"In the space between you and I,
Time hastens as it passes by. ..."
I Can't Let Go    Infatuation   
By: Michael Lloyd Francis    
"I can't let go...
Why? Because I love you so! ..."
Just to Look    Abiding Love   
By: Kenneth Charles Brooks    
"I have spent a lifetime gazing at the beauty of women.
This has always seemed so natural and easy. ..."
All Alone    The Pains of Love   
By: Jenna " Starbaby "    
"I fell asleep,
Half in tears. ..."
Reflection    Love Apart   
By: John P. Shaffer    
"The nights are dark, and they always will be.
Reflection in the mirror is no longer of me. ..."
I Luv You    For That Special Someone   
By: Barney    
"Oh, Marla I luv you,
I don't know what to do. ..."
What Love Is!    The Power of Love   
By: Megan A soccerbaby19    
"Love is when you think all night of what you want to say.
You whisper the person's name every hour of the day. ..."
I Can Wait    For That Special Someone   
By: Jon Freeman    
"I look in your eyes, I see heaven
I look at our friendship, I see no end ..."
Desire    The Power of Love   
By: Mata P. Siavi'i    
"Your body - aaah! Its so temptingly built.
Your curly brown hair that matches your tan skin ..."
Two-Timing    Love and Distrust   
By: Sunday B. Fakus    
"Meeting heartfelt needs,
Fulfilling earnest dreams, ..."
Boy 2 Man    Love Described   
By: Ryan Robert Richardson    
"A girl asked a boy if she was pretty
and he said, 'no.' ..."
stand by you    Love Between Friends   
By: Sandra R Berg    
"you know you are my friend and i love you to death
he is ruining your life soon you will have nothing left ..."

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