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Dreams in the dark    Love Past   
By: Meghan Leigh Casper    
"Late at night when I'm laying in bed,
visions of you appear in my head. ..."
You    New Love   
By: Brittany Nink    
"I want to be there, whenever you call
I want to see your face as it glistens in the light ..."
Think Of Me    Love Apart   
By: Christina Teresa Rinios    
"Think of me, when your day's almost done
Look out your window, I'll be the setting sun ..."
Only Satisfied    Love's Decisions   
By: Travis Joseph Connelly    
"I never thought about what love could be.
I was too interested and worried about me. ..."
It's Up To You Now    Love Remembered   
By: Nikki Brunelle    
"I have done everything
That I could possibly do ..."
to my knees    Secret Love   
By: elle    
"within your eyes I bathed my soul
and wrapped myself in thought ..."
I Love You SO Much    For That Special Someone   
By: Christine Marie Tyler    
"I lay awake every night just thinking of you:
How your love means so much to me ..."
Unreturned Love    Secret Love   
By: Maura    
"I waited by the phone last night
praying he would call. ..."
A love over    Love Past   
By: Babydoll    
"Love, once so new
now has faded ..."
thank you....    About a Loved One   
By: No Name Please    
"the first time I heard you sing
Love's Thirst    The Power of Love   
By: Sharon Rose Hackenbrack    
"Where does my heart venture alone,
Neither through grey skies, nor sunlight...for these eyes so blind. ..."
I Never Knew    The Pains of Love   
By: Sean Joslin    
"I never knew how much you meant to me
I never knew how much I cared for you ..."
It Doesn't Matter    Abiding Love   
By: Jason Daniel Fry    
"It doesn?t matter how far away you may be,
Because I have all I need right here with me. ..."
WHISPERING WILLOWS    Love and Death   
By: Cynthia WildRose    
"While the whispering willows silently weep,
I close my eyes awaiting sleep. ..."
iNsIdE    The Pains of Love   
By: aShLeY rEnEe rEyEs    
"bottled up inside
are the words you never said ..."
Dreamers    Love Remembered   
By: thomas g. mcgowan    
"Who but a dreamer learns to cry alone
within the halls of their faded glory, ..."
Floating    The Power of Love   
By: Julian C Low    
"Balancing on a wooden fence, a couple sits,
Holding each other and swaying with the wind. ..."
Angel Baby    For That Special Someone   
By: Kathleen Marie Burrus    
"Love is in the air tonight
It has that sweet sweet smell ..."
How Can I Live?    Love Past   
By: Tania Mitchell    
"Since you and I have broken up, I feel lost.
I can't move on to the future, because I'm stuck in the past. ..."
Missing You    The Pains of Love   
By: Ken M Ackerman    
"I can't sleep,
I can't breath, ..."
Remember    Love Between Friends   
By: Echoes In Eternity The Godfather    
"Remember the days when we were amazed
And gazed with our faces in those mazes of life ..."
Do You Care?    The Need to be Loved   
By: amanda kay burton    
"As I'm settin' here in this chair
I start to wonder, Do you care? ..."
I love you so much more!    For That Special Someone   
By: Christin Z.    
"It all started, only to end.
I only wished it was meant to be. ..."
Dark Tonight    Love Apart   
By: Chrystal Duval    
"Somewhere lost in the night,
I scream for air. ..."
Cherished Love    Love Apart   
"How distant, we are. Apart,
Yet, as close as we can be. ..."

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