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There In the Wood Where You Left Me    Love and Betrayal   
By: Elaine N Nancy Elaine    
"yeah, for sure,
you played with my heart is what you say. ..."
I Wish    Love Fantasy   
By: Justin XXX    
"Light stars, bright stars,
You are tonight's stars, ..."
Past Relationships    Love Past   
By: Michelle Lynn Davis    
"The door opens,wind runs through
It was just like the realationship between me and you. ..."
One More Time    Secret Love   
By: Kat Lynn    
"One more time
To look at your face ..."
For My Husband, Brandon    The Power of Love   
By: Tracy Martinez    
"When I am alone at night
I let my mind open ..."
The eyes of me    Love and Distrust   
By: Rachael Howard    
" eye seach my soul for thee
as though thine own heart does flee ..."
cause of you????    Love Past   
By: anna marie deeds    
"It?s 'cause of you I lost my heart
You broke it to pieces and smashed it ..."
I'm Not Crying Over You    Love and Parting   
By: Kristine Beulke    
" I'm not crying over you,
it's the rain that makes me blue. ..."
What do you do?    The Pains of Love   
By: Nicole Herbolsheimer    
"What do you do...
when your heart aches? ..."
In Your Eyes    Love Declared   
By: Miriam M. Wynn    
"In your eyes,
I have seen ..."
my love in words    Love Between Friends   
By: angel girl    
"my love in words
is not so easy to explain ..."
Never    The Pains of Love   
By: CorvettChick    
"I tried to help you with your problems,
But you pushed me away and put me down. ..."
If You Could?    Love Fantasy   
By: Sadina Marie Holder    
"If You Could find it in Your Heart to Look at ME,
Please Turn Your Head and do so. ..."
Love you so    Secret Love   
By: Nathan Marshall    
"With every nightfall
I sit and think about ..."
My Love For You    The Pains of Love   
By: angela rae vaughn    
"I hate the way you make me feel inside,
but my love for you I just can't hide. ..."
Loves Hides In Us    Secret Love   
By: Princess Zaire Jones    
"I have so much love for you, but you will never know...
When I'm around you it's as if my heart's in my throat... ..."
For Nils    For That Special Someone   
By: Love Monger    
"I feel as if I am living a dream
From which I never wish to wake. ..."
No one Except For You . . .    Love Declared   
By: Cate Haggland    
"I met you at school, sort of by chance
I'll never forget when we gave each other that first glance ..."
The Stranger    Love and Family   
By: Esteban Laton Salazar    
"Life's most wonderful gift is to have children
And be able to see them grow to thrive. ..."
All I can Say    Love Declared   
By: J. Angus McCullough    
"I want to place my hand in yours
and protect you from all harm. ..."
A Friendship Forever    Love Between Friends   
By: Samantha Mangerson    
"Smiling faces,
Crying eyes, ..."
Please Help ME    Suicide   
By: Christina M. Cooper    
"The day has come for me to quit,
My path is no longer lit. ..."
Without You    Love and Parting   
By: Brandi Michelle Lamb    
"Whenever you need me, I'll be here.
Whenever you're in trouble, I'm always near. ..."
Your Smile    For That Special Someone   
By: lukas wilson    
"Your smile is like a drink of whiskey-
you've got me addicted. ..."
A Dedication to Love and Wisdom    The Philosophy of Love   
By: Mia Alisa Taylor    
"There is a time and a place
for everyone to see their true love face to face. ..."

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