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Trust    Love and Forgiveness   
By: Ms. Mary    
"I trusted you with all my heart
I trusted you with my life ..."
No Questions Asked    Infatuation   
By: Jasmine Heather Kangas    
"I am beginning to lose
hope, ..."
Daddy's Little Girl    Love and Death   
By: Jessica Rene Crawford    
"What happened to Daddy's little girl- innocent and sweet,
What happened to Daddy's little angel, ..."
MY ANGEL    Love and Family   
Strolling By    The Power of Love   
By: Solimira Soledad    
"With pen and ink
I write this poem ..."
Echoes    Love Withdrawn   
By: Laura Elisabeth Norden    
"Echoes of better times ring in my ears
Echoes of us are in my tears ..."
That Girl Is A Bomb    The Power of Love   
By: Prince    
"She knows how to express herself,
Her beauty is not on the shelf. ..."
Always and Forever    Love Past   
By: Jaunai Chaunece Walker    
"You always told me
It was my smile that brightened your day, ..."
TIME??    The Power of Love   
By: DP13    
"What is time?
It seems to go so slow when you are not near ..."
Missing You    Love and Death   
By: Jessie Lee Stone    
"It's been four years
Since you died ..."
Too good to be true    Love and Betrayal   
By: Lynda del Castillo    
"A beautiful girl, a handsome young man.
They'll spend their life together. ..."
EMPTINESS    The Power of Love   
"There's an emptiness that fills my soul,
All this loneliness is taking a toll. ..."
Sun Rising    Love Described   
By: Kate Richardson    
"My over-eager heart rises in the east
With fervent hopes of an encounter with you, the sparkling night sky ..."
The Greatest Regret    Unrequited Love   
By: Jennifer E Nash    
"There once was a girl filled with laughter and wit
falling in love she didn't believe in one bit. ..."
A Love Off Limits    Infatuation   
By: Taijae    
"A love of my own
A love full grown ..."
Let today be the day    The Power of Love   
By: phiphuong le ho    
"Let today be the day,
when you finally come to say ..."
Wait for me    Love and Sickness   
By: Kayla Lee Flottmeyer    
"People are always saying
"God never gives you anything ..."
JUST MAYBE    Love Fantasy   
"maybe i was meant
for a different place in time ..."
Love Taken Away    Love and Death   
By: Micheal Christian Garzon    
"I sit all day
And stare at the sky, ..."
Sleepless Nights    Love Withdrawn   
By: Avery Robertson    
"How long has it been
since I have had a dream? ..."
Thoughtful Eyes    The Pains of Love   
By: A. Kelly    
"I'm sitting here, alone and confused.
I feel so empty, I feel so used. ..."
us    The Power of Love   
By: raul isaias martinez    
"when i saw you- it was love at first sight
when we we're together, i was holdin' you tight ..."
Remember When (Father's Day Poem)    Love and Family   
By: Vivian Sue Cross    
"Remember when- the day I was born
I was so little I slept in a drawer ..."
Can I Tell?    Love Remembered   
By: Angel of Dane    
"I sit here and stare
wondering how much I can bear ..."
Slowly but Surely    Love Past   
By: Sammy Violette Brodie    
" Slowly but surely the days go on
Slowly but surely a week is gone ..."

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