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The Perfect Love    Future Love   
By: Julius Plaras    
"Am I asking for much when I ask for a love so strong
That nothing could ever impair; ..."
Your Love    The Pains of Love   
By: Cayla Flack    
"I think about our love so true,
And wonder what I would do ..."
Dreams Come True    New Love   
By: Doyle    
"I slept soundly, dreaming of you...
A dream I thought never to come true. ..."
Love Inn Paris    For That Special Someone   
By: Kevin Michael Gates    
"For every second that I'm blue,
I take a moment to think of you. ..."
THE VALLEY    The Need to be Loved   
By: susan k sassysue34    
"They wander the roads- for hills of excitemet
They settled in a small valley ..."
Daze    Unwelcome Love   
By: Jessica Rose Burd    
"I want you to love me-
I need you to say you care. ..."
But I Get Scared    Love and Fear   
By: Kerri Elizabeth Gearhart    
" I want for you to know
my every thoughts about you. ..."
IF YOU LEAVE ME    The Pains of Love   
By: christopher thomas wood    
"You don't want me, that's the way it seems,
but still for you I have happy dreams. ..."
About Love    For That Special Someone   
By: Michael David Coffey    
"I wrote a poem
about love ..."
Mommy's Little Girl    Love and Fear   
By: Mary Lou peck    
"A shout, a slap
a child falls down ..."
My love for you    Love Between Friends   
By: Meghan Gibbons    
"I've liked you for a long time,
and for awhile you were mine. ..."
A Friend    Love Between Friends   
By: Rebekah E. F.    
"A friend is..
Baking cookies even when ..."
I love you when    Love Described   
By: Little Princess    
"I feel in love with you
The moment that we met ..."
She Imagines, She Dreams    Dream Lovers   
By: stephanie Ann Ramirez    
"She looks at him and quickly turns around
and because he doesn't look it makes her frown. ..."
You Of I    Love Described   
By: DeJuan Dunn    
"Indefinite you, sencerable you.
With tears of an angel ..."
lonely man    The Need to be Loved   
By: lonely man    
"nobody loves me, nobody cares
nobody thanks me, nobody shares ..."
Little One    Love and Death   
By: Little One    
"This poem is for my baby
Who I'll never get to meet. ..."
To the Man Who Owns My Soul    The Pains of Love   
By: Margaret Denise Sweeney    
"I sit here now with my heart in your hands,
It amazes me how you don't seem to understand, ..."
Thinking About You    Love Declared   
By: Jimmy Minh Le    
"I think about you all the time,
I wish you were always mine. ..."
NEVER    Love Between Friends   
Love at First Sight    The Need to be Loved   
By: Kadie A. Azevedo    
"Is there such thing as love at first sight?
you don't know who they are ..."
My Painful Heart...    The Need to be Loved   
By: Ramona C. Polanco    
"I have so much pain in my heart !
and I am not able to cry.. ..."
Never Before    The Power of Love   
By: jasmine michelle perry    
"This is something new for me.
I?ve never had these kinds of feelings before ..."
My Little Angel    Love and Family   
By: Samantha Jean Gregory    
"Oh my little angel;
You are the flesh and blood ..."
YOU HAVE THE KEY    Love Declared   
By: Alexander B.    
"You found the key to my sweet heart...
so please don't lose it. ..."

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