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As I Sit Here and Think...    The Pains of Love   
By: Renee    
HEARTACHE    The Pains of Love   
"Here lately my life has hit a downward spell
because i am losing the one i love so well ..."
Dream Sleep    The Power of Love   
By: Rosemary Rosey    
"Every night i close
my eyes and every ..."
The News    Love and Death   
By: Tammy Lynn Staley    
"The news hit me,
Like a jolt in the night. ..."
True Love    New Love   
By: desiree d romero    
"I told the world I hated you
I didn't even care ..."
KNOWING    Love and Family   
By: gil    
"My heart ached to tell him how much I loved him.
My voice made sounds, my hands gestured, ..."
Revealing Love    New Love   
By: Eric L Estremera    
"No one can take my feelings there, except you
I feel so new at this; once again I'm in a bind ..."
Believe    Abiding Love   
By: Rose Bloom    
"Life's tough when you don't believe
You let it be... ..."
Emotionz Run Wild    Suicide   
By: M anda Panda    
"My tormented soul
Oh how I woe ..."
LoVe LaSt LoNg    For That Special Someone   
By: antonia loves terry    
"I LoVe YoU AlWaYs AnD FoReVEr
YoU MeAn ThE WoRlD To Me ..."
Like A Stone    The Need to be Loved   
By: N~LOVE~M    
"Sometime, I need you
Sometime, I cry without you ..."
Growing Apart    Love Remembered   
By: Robin A Poyaoan    
" In the deep mist of day
Sitting alone in the rain ..."
I loved and I lost    Love and Parting   
By: Akasha Sierra Hiler    
"I loved you and lost you
all in the same breath. ..."
THE BOY I NEVER MET    Pleading For Love   
By: jasmine t miller    
"I love a boy
Oh so much ..."
What have I done?    Love and Death   
By: Jessica A Suarez    
"What have I done?
I lost someone ..."
It is you I only see    The Power of Love   
By: angie m austin    
"This life I live, it is so lonely,
I want to be your one and only. ..."
Bottled up    The Pains of Love   
By: kenya monique rozier    
"bottled up inside are the feelings i never shared
bottled up inside is the only person who really cared ..."
The Album    Love Remembered   
By: ITSme    
"The album on the table
tells of a woman's life ..."
A Valediction    Love Past   
By: Nicol Cheri Wicks    
"The sound of rain outside my window wakes me up
and I can't help but stay awake and listen. ..."
In japanese love means AISHITEMASU    Love Displayed   
By: Christian Andreas Santner    
"In every language there exists a phrase
to explain the most wonderful feeling. ..."
I NEED MY FRIENDS    Love Between Friends   
By: Athena Antonia Menis    
"I need my friends to survive this world,
to help me seek my goals. ..."
Intoxication    The Power of Love   
By: Marlene Million    
"Be hushed, my heart. . .
For it is enraptured with you. ..."
I Have Looked For You    New Love   
By: Christine Angela Giardina    
"I have looked for you
For such a long time ..."
FOR YOU FOREVER    Love Declared   
By: Preston Romeo Garren    
"My love for you heals my pain,
When I don't see you I almost go insane, ..."
Hope    The Pains of Love   
By: mandi may lynn gillespie    
" Can't understand why you don't know
me at all. ..."

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