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by   tracy

I don't know how I'm gonna be able to do this
We've been friends for our whole lives.
You have always been there for me
Through thick and thin.
Whenever I broke up with my boyfriend, 
You would always be there 
To tell me how he wasn't worth my tears.
Whenever someone in my family died,
I remember I could always cry on your shoulder.
How am I supposed to leave everything, to leave you?

They told me we have to go, we have to leave.
I only have a month to say my goodbyes.
My life, my everything is here;
There is no possibility I can leave 
Without breaking down in tears
I know you'll be there to comfort me, you always are,
But this time, it's not the same.
There won't be another 'next time'
This will be the 'LAST time'.
All that I keep thinking to myself is 
"How could they do this to me?

The pain and undying hurt that my heart feels...
There is not a way you could understand how this feels.
But somehow, you always do
I remember all the times we shared
Having our 'fights', they never lasted very long though
Your house being a second home to me,
Your parents knowing me almost as much as you do.
Even if we just looked at each other, it would speak volumes
How will we be able to not share any more memories?

Now it is time for me to leave, to leave my life,
To leave you and everyone else important in my life.
"I'm so sorry to do this to you, 
You have no idea how much pain this is causing me, too.  
But there is something I never could tell you.  
Our friendship means so much to me, 
But what's killing me is knowing what could have, 
What should have been.  
I have been keeping an unbearable secret 
That I can't keep from you any longer. 
I love you...I love you so much.  Goodbye..."
Why did it have to end like this?
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Poem ID: 40627   Poem Posted: 7/26/2000
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Copyright , 7/25/00, tracy  all rights reserved by the author.
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