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Where Are You?
by Jorge  Campos

I remember when you used to be my best friend,
I never thought our relationship would end,
I remember when I first saw you back in '87,
You were walking in slow motion - I was in heaven,
Your beauty made my little six year old heart thump,
Your unforgettable voice always made my heart pump,
I always knew it was more than just a crush,
Because every time I saw you it made my heart rush,
It's been such a long time - I miss you so much,
Since '91-I haven't witnessed your mental touch,
All I've done the last eight years is wonder how you've been,
Been such a long time since my eyes caressed your skin,
My sweetheart - why did you have to move?
There were so many things I needed to prove,
I really want to know exactly where you are,
But there's nothing I can do except wish upon a star,
Sometimes I daydream that I'll see you one day,
You come to my work - I recognize you right away,
It feels like a lifetime since I last saw you,
But I still remember those cute things you used to do,
I wonder if you're still precious and sweet,
Or if you're a slutty hoe and a cheat,
You could be anything but I imagine you're the higher,
The most beautiful girl in the world that's hotter than fire,
So many questions in my head - where have you gone?
I feel crazy like there're tons of drugs that I'm on,
I think of you and I cry for so many days,
My heart has been broken in so many ways,
I always thought of you as my first sweetheart,
We would've recieved more gentle words than art,
I always imagined us getting married - you being my wife,
In case I never see you again...I wish you a beautiful life.
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Poem ID: 14958   Poem Posted: 6/2/1999
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Copyright , 5/10/99, Jorge Campos  all rights reserved by the author.
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