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Rather Die Than Be Alone
by   Pretty Rei

I can't wait to die to not be alone
hey, maybe I'll get killed by a rock or a stone
This is how you feel when you are alone

You might as well die and 
receive love from the unknown
which is basically GOD
GOD is unknown because you can't see him
and for us humans we have to see to believe
Without seeing I believe

What else do I have in life
Its really nothing but the afterlife
But the only thing that I ask from life 
Is to have a person think I'm more than life
I want someone to tell me, 'never leave me'
So I can respond, 'that will never be.'

Sometimes I think why don't I just take a knife?
Skip lfe
Into the Afterlife
In this life I won't be scared
gangs, knives, guns
There ain't no scare
they'll live a longer life in their hell hole called earth.

These things aren't scary at all
not when you're alone
The big AIDS is my only worry
It took the life of my dad and his whole life story.
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Poem ID: 73656   Poem Posted: 1/30/2003
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Copyright , 10/30/02, Pretty Rei  all rights reserved by the author.
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