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by Xalthia Orion Star

Will we still be together when we're older?
Will you always supply a supporting shoulder?

Will our love strive though truth and lies?
Will I always see my refelction in your eyes?

Will you shelter me from the storm?
Will your arms always keep me warm?

Will I feel alive with a liftime of you?
Will you still kiss me before the day is through?

Will we take the good and bad points in our stride?
Will you be true and never leave my side?

Will walks in the park still feel the same?
Will I still tingle when you say my name?

Will you still love my hair when it's colour is fake?
Will you still love the little noises I make?

Will forever drag on or sly by so fast?
Will our love stand against all odds? Will our love last?
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Poem ID: 42651   Poem Posted: 8/9/2000
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Copyright , 5th August 2000, Xalthia Orion Star  all rights reserved by the author.
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