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I Regret
by Sunday B. Fakus

Knew not what I was doing
When I shut the door of my heart
It?s as if I was fully drunk
Intoxicated by a bitter wine

Struggles of guilt filled up my mind
Wars of shame fought within my soul
"Had I known" is the master of "too late"
Should have acted the other way

Actions done cannot be rewound
Just like words out of the mouth
They are sharp like two-edged swords
And cut so deep into the soul

All I regret... what I said and did
Wish I could have a second chance
From my heart I sincerely repent
And confess... a prisoner of conscience

If I knew back then what I know now
Would have listened to all you said
Lessons learnt in the frailty of my mind
I'll always live to regret
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Poem ID: 19499   Poem Posted: 1/8/2000
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Copyright , August 2, 1999, Sunday B. Fakus  all rights reserved by the author.
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