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I never had someone like you
And a love that was so pure and true,

I'll never forget your warm embrace
Or the outline of your face,

You had such a beautiful smile
It always gave me the strength
To walk that extra mile,

And when I stared into those beautiful green eyes
I always felt time was flying by,

And your tender kiss
That's what I mostly miss,

And the way my hands would caress you...
A touch that was so pure and true,

And the way the color of your hair reminded me of fire
You always filled me with desire,

And, although, we are not together today
Maybe once again, someday,

We will finish what we once started
And never will we be broken hearted

Because a love like ours will never be,
Because love was meant for two....
   Me and you!
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Poem ID: 2503   Poem Posted: 3/15/1998
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