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Real Friends
by   HC#7

    Two people brought together by a common liking. They played 
    two sports together for two years of high school. Although 
    Brin was only a freshman and Jaime was a junior when they met 
    for the first time this didn't seem to phase them one bit. 
    Even though they weren't the best of friends that first year, 
    they became better friends over the course of the next year. 
    During softball that next year, after a trip to Florida, 
    they became alot closer friends. Then the unthinkable happened. 
    Brin's father passed away. After the death of Brin's father 
    they realized just how close of friends they really were. 
    That summer they spent just about every day together or they 
    at least talked to each other every day. Then, when Jaime had 
    to have knee surgery, who was the first one to visit her? 
    Who else but Brin. She came and visited that next week too 
    and got Jaime out of the house for the first time when no one 
    else would. Then, Jaime left for college and they were 
    separated for the first time. They still talk every day 
    whether on the phone, by pager, or on the computer. They also 
    hang out whenever Jaime comes home. 
    This is what a real friend is: someone who will do anything 
    for you at anytime even if it's nothing at all.

    Thanks for being there for me Brin, I hope you know 
    I'm always here for you hun.
    I miss ya, Love ya, BFF
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Poem ID: 50091   Poem Posted: 11/10/2000
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