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The Eyes That Hide
by clayton  matthew russell

Your eyes are like pools of water
that shine in the sunlight
no matter where you are
they shine with all their might
at any time of day
they shine so bright
so bright they drown out everything
and yet these eyes so bright
hide something deep inside 
so deep not even you know about it
they hide the pain you go through every day
how you're tortured in every thinkable way
and still your eyes shine
they shine with all their might 
just to hide that thing deep inside

how can you be so happy? i ask
when those beautiful eyes are just a mask
just a mask for what truly lies deep down
when you want to run
when you want to frown
when you want to cry
but know this, i will leave a spot on my shoulder
that spot will be for when you want to cry
you're my friend and i love you no matter what
so say goodbye to your hate and your wish to die

i am here and i'll protect you 
despite what you do
because i'm your friend
and i care for you
and i always will until the end
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Poem ID: 55332   Poem Posted: 1/24/2001
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Copyright , 1-01-01, clayton matthew russell  all rights reserved by the author.
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