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by Carl  Hall

Oh princess, oh princess what do you see?

I see a prince on a big white steed
Galloping along to rescue me
With a suit of steel and lance in hand
He's look's so strong, proud and grand

But princess, oh princess, he is a man
Cool, sharp with a nice brown tan
What makes you think he'll come to you
And kiss your lips like you wish him to.

He is my man, and he will see
What lies deep, deep inside me
I am his love, his one true friend
Thou this spell, he will mend

For his arrow he will shoot
At some old flying tired coot
But he will miss, and it will land
In the palm of my soft, green hand

He will search to find his score
But never knowing what he's looking for
He'll stop and gaze and park his filly
Then see me there on a Lilly

He'll look to see that in my hand
Is where his flying arrow did land.
I will hop and jump across the pad
I'd feel so happy, joyful and glad.

And at his side I will stop
And in his lap the arrow I'd drop.
He'd hold out his hand so gently to me
I'd climb upon that's how you see

Just one kiss, and he will find
That I am a frog but a special kind
With one kiss, and he will see
That thing's aren't always what they appear to be.
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Poem ID: 43942   Poem Posted: 8/23/2000
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Copyright , 17/08/00, Carl hall  all rights reserved by the author.
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