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Sweet tender moments
by   TaraDawn

Sitting here at the oceans side 
watching the waves crash against the surf. 
I feel the ocean breeze hit my face. 
Looking to the horizon, 
Seeing how the light hits the water, 
My mind is filled with you. 
I think of the future you 
and I talk about so much. 
Each time it fills my thoughts 
and a smile appears on my face. 
The warmth hits my heart 
and makes me feel content. 
My dearest love, 
I am so much in love with you...
I could walk any amount of miles to be with you. 
Climb the hightest mountain to be at your side. 
I have waited a long time 
to sense the feeling, I experience today.. 
When I am in my peaceful slumber,
my dreams are filled with you..
I see your face and the wonderful smile. 
My visions are of tomorrow.
These visions are the ones of you 
holding me..touching me..
feeling your tender kiss upon my lips.
I yearn for the touch of your body next to mine. 
To lay with me and share the comforts of each other
My love, do you see the very same dreams I do? 
Do you feel the power of my heart? 
I have all the love in the world and it is all for you. 
I have given you my heart and my soul. 
You fill my life with so much happiness- You are my happiness. 
I will do anything for you. 
This day forward, I shall live for you....Live for us.
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Poem ID: 4163   Poem Posted: 5/10/1998
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Copyright , 1998, TaraDawn  all rights reserved by the author.
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