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You and Me
by Erika Lizbeth Garzon

It's cool 'cuz I feel the same for you,
Anything you do, 
Just know that I'll be there for you,
I like you a lot 
And I hope you feel the same way, too,

I see you're feeling me just the same,
But I'm hoping you are not running the game,
See, my heart jumps whenever you?re in sight,
The feeling feels wrong, yet, at the same time it feels right,

I promise you that I am not trying to do you wrong,
That my love for you is quite strong,
I never felt this way with a girl before,
I'll promise you my love and if you want I'll promise you even more,

You musn't make promises you can't keep,
Are you sure the feelings for me are that deep?
I'll let you be my boy and even more,
But one mistake and you're out that door,

Give me a second chance and I'll show what I can do,
To show you I really do love you,
To put the whole world at your feet,
And promise you I won't cheat,

So many promises you made never came true,
So what makes you think I'm going to run back to you?
I'll admit I still like you but not as much as when we first met,
The love you once gave me I promise you I won't forget,

So, I guess you want me to move on?
But being without me you won't last long,
And when you come running back I won't be there,
So don't even say I didn't care,

I won't run back to you, that I guarantee,
Thanx for the happy times you once shared with me,
But now we must say good-bye,
And before I leave I PROMISE that for you my eyes won't even cry,

I felt the same for you at one time,
I wanted you to be all mine,
You felt the same,
Until I decided to be stupid and run the game,
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Poem ID: 75033   Poem Posted: 11/29/2003
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