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Pains of Seperatin'
by Broken In  Two

Hey, I got so sad and depressed after what you said
So I decided to stop crying and write you this poem instead

I can't believe you actually made me cry
All of my last hopes ended for me when you said, "Bye"
But why won't you give me another oppurtunity?
If you used to repeat over and over that you loved me...
And every time you called me, 'flower'
It just made me feel as if I had some kind of power

When did your love for me fade away?
Oh, tell me... When was that day?!
Oh man, I believed all those lies...
But I guess that's just typical of some guys
They make you fall in love
Making you feel like your floating in the sky above
Then all of a sudden... the truth comes out...
And we understand what you're all about

I guess you were that 'Typical Boy'
And just wanted to use me as your toy
But even if this was for you just a game
I didn't want this to end in such a shame
I would even be satisfied if you were my friend...
I just didn't want our contact to end
Yeah, this is how desperate I can get...
But it's not my fault, I fell in love with you the day we met

I might sound really silly and childish...
But I just don't want what we had to finish
Maybe I need to grow up and get a life...?
           (Sarcastic Laugh)
I can't believe I once imagined me as your wife

I just want you to know that I've always had feelings for you
And all of them have been true
You know, even after all this...
I still have those desires of giving you a kiss

Anyway...tell me how you are in a couple years
Please don't forget me and all my tears
I hope your life is filled with success
And that God brings joy to you and a bunch of happiness

Hey, look out for me in a future movie
I might act in some film with Halle Berry
And when I do...
I'll remember a whole lot about you!
I'll forever have you in my mind and heart...
Even if you were the first guy to break me apart
From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best!
May God bless you and guide you through the rest...

Remember, I cared about you 
                  I care about you 
                           and I will keep on caring
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Poem ID: 78442   Poem Posted: 9/16/2004
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