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The beginning and the end
by Liz Shemir Garcia

That one foggy morning
you told me on the phone
I think I'm slipping away
I'm also trying to hold on

I truly do love you
but I can only be your friend
I hope you will forgive me 
and stick close until the end

Although I cannot hold you
my heart belongs to you 
there is no one else 
I speak about love to

I'll miss you as a lover
glad to still have you as a friend
that's the only way to be together
and have love until the end

When I hang up 
please don't shed a tear
don't forget that through our friendship 
we'll always be near
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Poem ID: 81321   Poem Posted: 6/16/2005
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Copyright , January 2005, Liz Shemir Garcia  all rights reserved by the author.
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