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Love Undefined
by Chris Michael Smith

    as i look out beyond the cool, clear sea 
    i sit and think about what i wish could be
    me holding you in my arms, close and tight
    i wish we could just sit here together all night
    the soft ocean spray sprinkles my face
    me holding you a little tighter, with you i know that i am safe
    walking along the beach arm in arm
    i fall more in love with you your humor and your charm
    oh why do i have to fall in love so fast?
    i'm afraid to tell you that i want this to last
    if i told you that i was falling for you what would you do?
    would you let me fall on my face, or would you tell me 
    that you loved me too?
    i have all of these wishes and questions who do i ask?
    finding that special someone is sometimes a difficult task
    a relationship is like a hand full of sand
    hold it too tightly and the sand falls right through your hand 
    but let it have freedom and don't squeeze it too tight
    the sand stays in your hand and the relationship 
    reaches new heights
    as i look out beyond the cool, clear sea 
    i sit and think about you and me
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Poem ID: 27122   Poem Posted: 2/8/2000
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