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This word " Love "
by Sandra Marie Pease

This word "love" is it real?
Why does it keep us from getting any rest?
Why does it hurt so much one day,
Then feel really good the next?

Why does everyone want this word "love"?
Just so they can use it up and throw it around?
It's a completely contageous virus,
To anyone who wants to leave the crowd.

Why must this word "love" be in our lives?
Is it capable of giving us what we really need?
Does it give us hope and faith,
Or even the courage to succeed?

Does this word "love", belong to friendships?
When I say it, should I feel so diseased and cursed?
Is it ok for me to say it but him not to say it back?
Or should I just make him say it first?
I'm not really liking this word, "love"...
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Poem ID: 42693   Poem Posted: 8/10/2000
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