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by Markenson  Momplaisir

When will I stop suffering?
I think crazily, but it's all for nothing.
When will I know you're mine,
So you'll never say goodbye.

You say you care.
But why, for me, is love still rare?
When will my heart stop tearing apart;
When will I know you're really my heart.

When will you tell me the word
That will change my entire world?
When will I stop looking into your eyes
And wishing you were mine?  Oh, what a surprise!

Tell me, when will I stop worrying
And say you're not caring.
When will you take a look and see my face
Cracking with a wicked, hard pain of desolation?

When will I stop crying, and grieving for you?
Maybe when I die, or when I'll no more believe in love?
I wish you could understand.
When will you?  Now?  One day?  Or not ever?
Please, I beseech you, just let me know....
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Poem ID: 64110   Poem Posted: 8/16/2001
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