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Can I Take It Away
by James L Powers

Can I take it away
Take it so far away
You will never see it again
Erase it from your mind
Like it never happened
Knowing it never will again
Make you believe
That pain is imaginary
And it will never happen to you

But that I know is not true
For you have experienced
Pains and torment through and through
And I do the only thing I can do
Sit and watch as you tear at your soul
Asking for answers you were never told
Taking on problems
That aren?t your own

And I sit quiet not knowing what to say
Waiting for your tears to diminish
So I can hear what you have to say
But your fears remain in relay

Then I think maybe
I have failed you
Not being able to help you
Like I was so easily able to do
Wonder where my mind has gone
Knowing it used to be with you

Then I realize I?m afraid
Afraid I will make you cry
When I say it?s all right
Afraid that I to 
Might start a fight

But either way I am here for you
No matter what you have to say
Put my fears aside
And listen to you cry
Hold you tight
And tell you everything?s all right
?Til your tears subside
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Poem ID: 45436   Poem Posted: 9/8/2000
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Copyright , 2000, James L Powers  all rights reserved by the author.
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