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It's So Hard
by Lorraine Yvette Trevino

It's so hard to let go of a person you love.
You see them, lying there on their deathbed, breathing in and out;
and you think of all the good times you've spent with them 
and how special they are to you.

In their final moments they tell you 
you've made a big difference in their lives;
their words will tear your heart in two.
Then you sit there thinking 
of what they just said to you 
and realize they made you what you are today.

That's when you begin thinking 
they were the push you always needed, 
the light in your life;
because of them- you learned 
how to appreciate everything around you.
Then tragedy strikes, but you know you have to be strong 
even though you are breaking down inside. 
You will realize your beloved is in a better place.
You sometimes thought they would live forever, 
the unthinkable would never come to someone you care for.

Remember, don't take loved ones for granted. 
You never know when they are going to leave you. 
So, spend as much time with them- please!
'cause it's so hard when they are gone.

*This poem was dedicated to my grandfather.
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Poem ID: 66547   Poem Posted: 11/11/2001
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Copyright , 9/25/1997, Lorraine Y. Trevino  all rights reserved by the author.
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