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my insanity
by joshua dale samuels

my insanity is the least of my worries
what the hell am I to do 
I have perfection in my grasp
the perfection which is known as you

If  my instincts and my mind
 follow the path of new,
and if I take desperate measures
I might find nothing of you

If you heard my mind 
and the insanity in my head
if you looked deeper into my eyes
you might find that your heart will begin to shred

If you ask me my thoughts
if you ask me my dream
and if you take the unlikely chance
you might  hear death scream

In the sweetness of the  beginning 
roses bloomed as you passed
you could walk into the room
and time would slow down for you, just you,
but yet, for me, it moves so fast

The father has flown quicker,
 quicker with every tick
so soon, less soon
soon enough it'll be sick

Days have passed 
and soon years will proceed
deathly toll will fill its hole
and again I will be in need

I will be in need of love
love that  can only be true
love that grows on Simplicity's vines
and love I can get only from you

You are the one
the one I have who will always belong
you are the one
the one that fits into every song

Songs, I hear them new and old
I hear them night and day
they tell me the sweetness of their love
but can they hear my love play

Will they, may they, can they
will words stop my confusion
will I stop this nonsense
or is my love a delusion?

Ddeluded of every fact
of every logic known to man
you could never know, never show
never completely understand

My thoughts wonder
they ride alone with my heart
their destination will never be known
and Death can't rip them apart

Their blindness can never be seen
their thoughts will never take action
they will try, try to fly, try to reach so high, 
that even heaven will not make them an infarction

I will be left lifeless
life I cannot be 
for a long time ago, when time did pass so slow,
life ran far, so far, far away from me

I have been left with a body
no mind no soul
I will have to make do with what Ii have
as long as my heart and my thoughts stroll

Time is fading
with nowhere I will find
if you find them, please do look...
bring both back to my mind

'cause my mind is shot
shot with a hole so perfect and yet so foul, 
and to hear these inevitable words
you may exit what I call my life, 
and you may exit right now.
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Poem ID: 15009   Poem Posted: 6/2/1999
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Copyright , 1999, joshua dale samuels  all rights reserved by the author.
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