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One Day
by Angela Christine Schultz

I know one day our dream will have to end
I can feel it
Right around the bend
You tore my heart in two
I thought to myself
How can I not be with you?

My love for you still remains
But I know you don't feel the same
So i guess i will see you around
Maybe even with the new love you have found

It is hard to look at you everyday
In my heart i know there is a way
I can't hold back the tears
You used to take away all my fears
But now that you are gone forever
I know my tears will stop never

In my mind I still can feel your kiss
Oh, how I will miss your sweetness
When I see you my heart skips a beat
Maybe someday, again, our two paths will meet
I can still see your heavenly face
And feel your warm embrace

God why does this always happen to me?
Why can't I find a love meant to be?
My love for you will never end
But now we are not even friends
All my pain that is hard to hide
Is heavily bulding up inside
I just want to be with you
So I can hear you say " I Love You, Too"

I still remember our song
Where did I go wrong?
Your love left a scar
It will always be with me near and far
Everything around me is hazy
I know that only you can save me

You left me with a broken heart
And memories that will never part
I have only one thing left to do
And that is to say
How much I love you.     
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Poem ID: 55149   Poem Posted: 1/22/2001
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