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by Mrs. La'Rena James Martin

Your love to me is like the Sunshine
Often I sit back and think about 
How beautiful you really are
And my whole mentality changes
'Cause, ever since you came into my life
You've been my Sunsine, You've brightened my days
I've opened my world to you
'Cause I wanted you to share in it
And the world I use to call, "Me"
I now call "We", It's our world, Baby
You are my Sunshine
And the Sunshine always is

A world without Sunshine means no bright days
My world without you means no "smiley faces", 
No "ice cold lemonade", 
And no "big stix" from the ice cream trucks
I count on you to shine when i open my eyes
And when you don't... must be tears of rain fallin'
Tears of pain fallin'
Can't stand these clouds in my way
Not seeing my Sunshine
Can't start my day
Better stay in bed, and rest my head
And stay off my feet
No sunshine makes me weak
But it's like, when it rains, it shines
And when it snows, it shines
On cloudy days, it shines

On foggy days, it shines
On winter nights, it shines
In my heart, In my mind
Opens my eyes, in my sight
The Sunshine... It's mine
Forever it shines
My Sunshine- you shine!
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Poem ID: 74260   Poem Posted: 9/10/2003
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Copyright , august 11, 2003, Mrs. La'Rena James Martin  all rights reserved by the author.
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