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Broken Bones
by   Raine

I look out over this edge,
the wind blowing cool across my skin,
my eyes wide open, vacant...
tears taking place of the warm rain.

Can I fly today?
Do I have the courage to be free?
No one knows what is waiting on the other side,
especially not the coward in me.

Am I selfish for wanting out this way?
Is there really anyone who wants
this tired and weary soul to stay?
Will you be following me too?

Your fists slamming against my flesh wall...
The violent shatter of porcelain bone...
I wrap my coat tighter,
against the memories flooding within.

Imagine the peace!
A warm heaven welcoming me...
no more pain, no more running away.
A silence your fists will never know.
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Poem ID: 22132   Poem Posted: 1/19/2000
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