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No Promises
by Lisa  Hoffman

We shared something special,
a friendship no others have.
You were so very special,
through letters I still have.

No promises were made,
we were friends that was all.
No promises were made,
but to me you were all.

Seeing you again after a long while,
my days were happy then.
I always loved your style,
feelings I had, where to begin.

No promises were made,
You soon left me.
No promises were made,
why... I cannot see.

I saw you with her,
you should have been with me.
I never knew about her,
now we cannot be.

No promises were made,
my hopes began to fade.
No promises were made,
memories will never fade.

When did she become the one,
when we were apart?
I wanted to be the one,
I wanted to win your heart.

No promises were made,
I guess that's how it always is.
No promises were made,
you never cared... that is.

I loved our time together,
but now it seems to be gone.
I'll remember you forever,
especially when I hear that certain song.

No promises were made,
maybe we'll meet again.
No promises were made,
but are we still friends?
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Poem ID: 32709   Poem Posted: 5/18/2000
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Copyright , 1986, Lisa Hoffman  all rights reserved by the author.
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