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A love so strong
by Luis Xavier Gonzalez

Can someone tell me how to explain a love so strong 
that you could give me pain for seven days and I'd still sustain it?
A love so strong 
that just one night without you drives me insane?
A love so strong 
that I would do anything for you, even the highest price I would pay?
A love so strong 
that the strongest man wouldn't be able to grasp on?
A love so strong 
that I would express it in letters, poems, or even a song?
A love so strong 
that I would write the words "I love you" all over the stars?
A love so strong 
that without you my heart bleeds and scars?
A love so strong 
that saying the words "I love you" still doesn't feel like enough?
A love so strong 
that words can't describe it, 
and if I try I can't, because it's just too tough?
A love so strong 
that never feels unwanted or even wrong?
So can someone please tell me how to describe a love so strong?
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Poem ID: 65114   Poem Posted: 9/18/2001
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Copyright , 7/21/01, Luis Xavier Gonzalez  all rights reserved by the author.
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