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Future Uncertain
by Rahmasta Carprios Sqwrl

I wanted to tell you, to try to explain,
But, what would you feel, what would you say?,
Too much to lose, too much to gain,
The feeling of darkness, that you change to day.

It seems so simple, to believe,
The world is brighter, when you're there,
Sometimes I look into your eyes,
And see myself reflected there.

It would appear, that untold thought,
So unsure how to touch a soul,
This need in me, that I have fought,
Words fail to love or feel alone.

So, when this world seems hard and frought,
And when you're hurt or fearing sin,
Words seem to fall so strangely short,
The answer, always from within.

When all these things you are to me,
Just how should I convey, or show,
The bond I feel between us now,
Should I say 'I love you so'?

Perhaps we share that rarest aim,
The goal to help, to knit, to mend,
Together it seems we could do more,
Alone, I miss my closest friend.

this darkness that persists, prevails,
to blank your sight from that white dove,
so when your faith falters, and fails,
remember there are those who love.

To see you run to beck and call,
Is death incarnate for me,
How I wished that you would fall,
For someone worthier than he.

This poem, my love, I give to you,
To try and show how much I care,
The future is uncertain, true,
But I know that I will need you there.

Dedicated to The Rah
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Poem ID: 2138   Poem Posted: 3/3/1998
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