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i love you
by chelsea mika chanduloy

i don't know what to do 
i don't know what to say
but everytime i'm around you 
you seem to act in a different way

you seem so nice in person
but so mean every other time
sometimes i wonder what goes on in your head
and what you're thinking of at the time...

you're different from the other boys
who seem to not care at all...
you have that look of confidence,
that look of pride and truth...

i don't know what to feel 
i don't know how to act
'cause every word i say about you 
is just another fact...

i wonder sometimes...
why you are the way you are
then i remember that you'll never be that far...
i can talk to you any time i want
and know that you'll always be there..

i never want you to go away 
'cause i might never get the chance to say...
i love you for being who you are
you're just so understanding...

i love you for caring and once in a while sharing 
the feelings that you feel are just so real
i don't want you to go
please! don't ever leave me...

you told me once that we would be friends forever
now i know that what you say is true...
but, hey, there's one thing i forgot to tell you...

....i love you!!
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Poem ID: 82661   Poem Posted: 4/6/2006
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