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He is my Inspiration ;0)
by   Witchoake

He is my eyes so I can see
The beauty that's around me...and all that's yet to be....

He is my heart so I can give,
The blood that flows within my veins...the reason that I live....

He is my inspiration; he's everything I need,
My nourishment my sustenance...the bread on which I feed....

He is my inspiration; he's all of me and more,
My soul stripped bare and aching to the valley of its core....

He is my inspiration; I am whatever he will allow,
Cherished and protected...for I'm his woman now....

He is my inspiration....  Do you know just what that means?
Without him I am nothing...split wide open at the seams.
Yet, with him I am everything and all I'll ever be,
Born for him and him alone man of mystery.
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Poem ID: 46688   Poem Posted: 9/27/2000
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Copyright , 2000, Jayne Oake  all rights reserved by the author.
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