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by Eric Thomas Weaver

Hey Dad, "looky here" I've got a story to tell
It's one I'm sure you'll know very well
It's got twists and turns and laughter through the years
And like any good story it even has a few good tears
It's a story about a boy with more than one name
You can call him "tiger" or "buddy"...he'll answer the same
Now this boy has a father who raised him right
His father told him he loved him and held him tight
Together they would walk with "buddy" on his shoulders
They loved to sneak up on Mom from behind big boulders
His father worked hard and sacrificed for him
"Buddy" rarely knew when the times were grim
Now you know part of the story but not the whole plot
You see "buddy" loves his father more than a lot
The years have gone by and now "buddy" has grown
He's now out of college and coming into his own
Nothing has impacted him quite like the love of his dad
Unconditionally, even when "buddy" made him mad
A man of God and an example for his son
You can change the future; you can be the one
You might ask, "what's the moral of this story?"
It's one of hope, of love and glory
Glory for the work that was done for me
So I can have a future that is as bright as can be
Dad you have immensely blessed me on this Christmas Day
Your love and support has inspired my way
I share this story with you to let you know
The "buddy" in me will never go
You have started a are the one
Who gave me something to give to my son
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Poem ID: 26088   Poem Posted: 1/17/2000
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Copyright , 12/25/99, Eric Thomas Weaver  all rights reserved by the author.
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