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by christina marie williams

being dumped feels like shit,
you want to cry,
and you really don't know why,
you feel like no one cares,
it feels lik a game,
do u think it's truth or dare?

you want to be in a pair,
but you are single,
hey, you're free... go mingle,
but it's not the same,
it feels like a shame,
being dumped is not fun,
you wanna turn and run,
you feel like you gained a ton,

you can't walk, can't breathe,
being dumped is not a good feeling,
but you learn to live with it,
in the pit of you heart it's the end of something old,
the start of something new,

so live it up,
if someone brings up your ex, 
just say, "shut-up!"
then go to the next,

just keep in mind you're the best,
that's it for today,
peace out,
if u need help... all you have to do is shout.
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Poem ID: 75170   Poem Posted: 12/24/2003
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Copyright , 11-6-03, christina marie williams  all rights reserved by the author.
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