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Baby Sister
by   Ray =<

Baby sister, talk to me
Tell me why this has to be
My heart is broken
The tears have dried
The marks on you will never subside

Baby sister, would you look at me
Don't you hide... not from me
Cry if you wish
Shout if you must
But do it with me... I beg you... please

The knife you took
That bled your blood
Makes its way through my heart
The pain you felt was not alone
I felt it too... in my heart

The lines on your wrists
The hurt in your eyes
I haven't been a good sister... have I?
I take too much... I never give
I was not there when you needed me

I'm sorry for not understanding
I'm always misunderstanding
But I really care... so please, stop cutting
It's not right... stop this wrong
I know you can do it-- Be strong

Baby sister, play with me
Play this game of life with me
It's not easy, but don't you cry
Even if it's too hard, don't end your life
Nothing's too hard with me in your life

Baby sister, believe me
Alone, you will never be
You have us, your family
Try as you might, we will never leave
You can always count on me

I love you, sis....
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Poem ID: 73458   Poem Posted: 12/28/2002
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