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Why ?
by Jasmine  M. Johnson

My nights are so cold without you here
My body's so weak when you're not near
Why did you leave me, oh so fast 
I thought our love had a chance to last
Many nights I lay and cried
Still asking the same questions
Like why you left without saying good-bye

You said our love would last always and forever
So, why are we not together?
You mean more to me than life itself
So, now I feel there's nothing left
Why didn't you call or just say, "hi"
I guess you moved on to a better life

Why can't you see me the way I see you
Why can't you love me the way I love you
I wish you wouldn't have told me i was your one and only love
Then leave me when you feel you have had enough
I really don't feel that was right
But I guess that's just part of a teenagers life
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Poem ID: 75750   Poem Posted: 3/25/2004
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Copyright , 2003, Jasmine Marie Johnson  all rights reserved by the author.
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