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The past comes back to Haunt me
by Alina  Ardeleanu Igna

The river flows through my blood.
Cold hearted I shall become,
because of one pure soul that yet still ignores me.
It tries to keep my heart not destroyed and safe.
But it is way too late.

I told it what I felt.
I also told it that I shall not talk to her anymore.
Today I did not succeed,
for the hope that she might change.

I was wrong.
Now my heart is hurt and broken.
Not even her love can bring me back
to the way I was.

Hatred has finally got me in its hands.
And tomorrow all talking stops
between us altogether.
Soon my pain shall show in my anger.

Soon she shall know how much she hurt me.
And even if she tries to make it better.
I shall cry in her and everyone else's faces.
Telling her it's too late.

I judged her and she failed.
I'm sorry that I hurt her,
but she did more damage to me
than any other person I have known
could have done to me.

If I don't have her now
then the price I shall pay
for eternity and beyond
is more pain than I can handle.

Inside my heart is dying
because of the attention that has been given
to everyone else but me
so even now
though we will both be in pain.

It will leave either both of us,
or it will only leave her.
One of us will be tortured
through the school years
that we have together about the situation that is.

But until things change,
I will have to leave her be,
with anger, sadness, happiness, or confusion.
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Poem ID: 42353   Poem Posted: 8/6/2000
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Copyright , 1999, Alina Ardeleanu, Igna  all rights reserved by the author.
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