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Happily Ever After...
by Brad  Pitt

From that first day, I knew just from the look on his face
That no other girl could ever possibly take your place.
He told me, he'd met a girl you could only dream about, 
And that it would ruin his life for him to be without.

From the way he spoke, I knew his feelings were true.
All of his joy and happiness came from... just thinking of you.
I do know better, and I know that he is in love.
And isn't it so perfect "you" are his angel sent from above??

I can only give my best wishes that your future together be bright
And judging from the look in your eyes, I think it just might.
I've never known him to have such passionate feeligs like this,
And I am truly proud that you've found pure happiness...

You've definitely been lucky right from the very start,
So, hopefully my prayers are answered and you'll never grow apart.
Is this true love?? 
I don't know... that sure is rare.
But when there is the two of you... the scent of love is in the air.

There have been numerous times for tears, but even more for laughter.
So do us all one big favor... Please live happily ever after.

To my brother at his wedding...
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Poem ID: 11693   Poem Posted: 3/1/1999
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Copyright , 2-12-99, Brad Pitt  all rights reserved by the author.
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