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by   Aries

the breath of sunset across our faces 
only serves me to love you more 
wrapped in a woolen blanket I can sit 
and listen to your sigh forever 
when we are parted I long for you more 
your siren song and timeless voice 
my dreams fill with visions of the moon 
on your lips and stars in our eyes 
you kiss at my toes and unfaithfully 
dance on every shore, you would 
tease every stone's heart and poet's pen 
but still you are mine 
your perfume is the only one I long for 
nights with you are only set in memory 
I love you in your tempestuous rage 
I pursue you in your quiet meditation 
I have drowned in you, my only heart
whispered over your churning tides, the wishes of eternity
and you carry them far within your reaches 
so we can sink into your depths together 
I have lit a fire so you may come to me,
you never fail in your constancy, 
I wait for your moods as a lover would, walking 
but you wash away any trace that I am ever yours 
when I die I'll be your salt 
I'll dissolve in you all that I am 
you are already in my blood, on my lips 
you are my only voice and my only look 
I am your sand, and I too will be 
dust at your fingsrs, you only touch to change 
you are as endless as my desire 
let me die and be forgotten, loving you 
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Poem ID: 23439   Poem Posted: 12/28/1999
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