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Wind Don't Take Thee Away!
by Hamza Nasser Ahmed

           Oh, my neighbor
  What should I do to make thee love?
Oh, my friend, my darling, and my little,
 What should I do to make thee love me?
  This world, this country, this city
            Specific time
        Born to thy feelings
 This world, this country, and this city
             My own born
              Here life
              Here love
         Here my story begins
        A lone heart is aching
         and her love is dead
               Long ago
            When it's grown
             In thy heart
              It's thrown
        A less thinking young man
               Turns into
             A thinking man
             Thou, feel love
            Thou, leave those
              Life was cold
              And was calm
                She?s come
            Lightness has come
              Beauty?s come
            Loveliness has come
        A thing still needs to come
          Every one needs to hear
              Yes, my beauty
              Oh, my neighbor
              Let me hear it
        As I hear those birds sing it
               And your eyes
           Mention it to thy eyes
             Through some days
               Oh, my prison
             How simple you are
            Innocent are your eyes
                Joy, thy love
            Release what you keep
                 Word of love
                 What we need
         Give your bird its happiness
               Loveliness indeed
               How simple you are
              And your manners are

              Gentle as spring wind
            Beautiful as summer sunset
                  Calm as autumn
              Strong as winter wind

              Be my morning flower
              Bind me near my bower
                Be my noon bower
             So thy evening symphony
               Dreams have to pass
              Be thy way to reality
             Fancy with all the power
             Birds have their own way
             People have their own way
              Thyself needs this way
               To express the word
              To thy long lost love
               But one thing to say
             Wind don?t take thee a way
             And don?t leave me sitting
              Alone with some feelings
                  Luna isn?t alone
                 Thousands of stars
               Away, but ain?t no alone
                     But I sigh
                And don?t ask me why
               Cause you never know why
                  My own loves thee
                  My own loves thee
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Poem ID: 25114   Poem Posted: 1/23/2000
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Copyright , 1999, Hamza Nasser Ahmed  all rights reserved by the author.
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