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Childish Dream
by   Sassy

Relationships have come and passed,
Leaving nothing but intangible scars.
Scared to start again,
I don't want to be hurt, to feel so sad.

Reminiscing about when I was so little,
The man who would give me happiness
I always thought was only a dream,
a fantasy, a youngin's riddle.

Now my childish dream is true.
The happiness, warmth, security,
all the emotions I received,
were something I've always wanted... you.

I can look into your eyes,
and see us,
in the future,
side by side.

You are someone who will give me eternal affection,
just to see you smile
or hear your laugh.
From danger, your arms are my protection.

Could this be my fantasy come true-
all the feelings and love,
the priceless attention...
from somebody like you?
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Poem ID: 32638   Poem Posted: 5/22/2000
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Copyright , March 12, 2000, Sassy  all rights reserved by the author.
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