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The Ocean
by Heather Rachelle dereksangel~

As the waves crash to shore, you draw me closer
they gently wash over our feet as we stand on the shoreline
The sky glows in purple and red as we dance in the ocean

Smiling sweetly, you hold me tighter
the waves splash my knees as you gently kiss my neck
The sun sinks a little nearer to the horizon

Holding me like a precious jewel, you whisper in my ear
stronger now, the waves throb against my waist
The sky dimly glows in beautiful colors as the sun says goodnight

Taking great care, you lead me out further
the waves now pound into my chest
Stars appear, quietly taking their place in the sky

Eagerly, urgently, we both step out again
the waves crash over my head-
We're so engulfed in this ocean, these endless waves
Passions, emotions -  we've both been swept away

Quietly, we emerge from the tide
silent in amazement of the strength of this ocean
Knowing we will soon feel its strength again
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Poem ID: 42611   Poem Posted: 1/26/2001
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Copyright , August 2000, Heather Rachelle dereksangel~  all rights reserved by the author.
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