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by Annie Lu Real_me

I hate to be sitting here alone with all the feelings I remember.
Your hand on my shoulder and that precious piece of paper.
You don't know how I wish you could hear me say...
I never threw it away.

I still hear you whispering that you want to see me back,
But then the silence replaces your words.
How can I let you know your love is what I lack
And that I still want you to be a part of my world?

I often reminisce our sunny days...
Together, just you and me
But you've blown my sun away
And my days are not what they used to be.

I can't sleep at night anticipating the feeling of your skin.
Your heart was all I ever wanted to win
But, I guess I lost... maybe that's why you're gone
And I'm still here holding on to everything!

I'm scared without your arms around me
I wish I could wake up and see everything, as it should be
You can't imagine how I want you home
Just to watch you smile, I would face any storm.

I wish I could let you know everything you ignore
Like how many times I've caressed your face in my dreams
Or even how much you mean
Or simply that I need you more than I ever did before.

I've always thought you were sent from above
'Cause you were the first one to teach me how to love
So sincerely, in fact, if I ever love again
It will be with you again.

I cherish every moment we've shared
It's so sad you never knew how much I cared
I wish I could be able to tell you that your first kiss
Is part of the things I'll always miss.

I also wish I could call your house today
But I know no words would come out
They would all get stuck in my mouth
'Cause I never knew how to explain 
That you're all that I can't put away!
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Poem ID: 51828   Poem Posted: 12/5/2000
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Copyright , 2000, Annie Lu  all rights reserved by the author.
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