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You Are The Moon
by Chocolate  Angel

I am the sun and you are the moon.
My outward manner tends to sting people, 
    While you soften the wound.

I try to commence life in things 
and nurture their growth, 
    Strong and in control.

You shine with brilliance to brighten dark lives,
You think your light is just a reflection of mine; 
    you?re wrong.

You are the keeper of secrets and dreams and 
     The strongest beliefs I have ever known,
Yet you tend to hide behind people, afraid of judgement.
When, in the darkest time of night, someone thinks 
    all hope is lost, 
    You show them the way with your guiding light.

I am a heat wave and you are the breeze.
Perpetual and overbearing, I eat at people 
    until they wish for you.

I cause anguish and hopelessness; I am a living irritation.
But you are a breeze, always welcomed and appreciated.
You cool everyone down when they are heated up.
I push too hard, I expect too much.

You are patient and easy going, never too pushy- like the wind, 
     But you are determined and won?t give up.
While you explore, moving about, never in one place,
I try to be in all places at once, never enjoying them as you.

I am a rock, and you are a raindrop.
Tough as a brick I do not break easily; however if I did, 
     I would shatter into a million jagged pieces.

You can separate and come back together as you please, 
     Never worried you will break.
If someone were to throw me, I might cause great damage,
But if they were to throw you, you simply wouldn?t, 
     you are too fragile.
I sink, while you float.

I am a fish and you are a dove.
Swimming deep down in the ocean of life, 
     I give up and return to the surface,
     The pressure is too great.

As I appear strong, I am scared.
You soar high above the clouds, unafraid of the new 
     And interesting things that wait.

As you appear weak, you are brave.
When given the chance, you proudly unfold your delicate 
     but terrific wings.
I am stuck flopping my little tail for all it?s worth.

And so... 
I am your confidence, but you are my inspiration.
I will always back you up as you guide the way.
I am *Chocolate Angel*, and you,
You are my best friend.
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Poem ID: 42728   Poem Posted: 6/2/2003
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Copyright , 2000, Chocolate Angel  all rights reserved by the author.
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