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by Avery  Robertson

That the wind watches
and sees the battered heart;
that the mistress waits;
from her destiny she cannot part.

Though it carries her thru
storms and troubled times,
she will not turn away from
loves mysteries found in rhymes.

She know the truths of him
hidden deep within his soul;
and still she stands for him
in fire and in the cold.

Trapped willingly she waits
in brilliant day & dark black nights;
His love travels with hers
never far from their sight.

Inside this man she dances;
it is the way, after her fashion;
she pulls him into her arms
surrounding him with her passion.

He takes her away on the wind;
warmth flows vibrant within;
she is lost completely in him
over and over again.
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Poem ID: 31890   Poem Posted: 5/8/2000
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