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to hell & back
by Jagninet Vanessa Caceres

i'll pay for my worst sins
i'll go to hell & back
i'll show you that i love you
loose my sight, see only in black 
what does it take
to make you beleive
i love you
for goodness sake
tell me now, how can i prove
that all i have is love for you
can't you tell 
that without you
life is a living hell
but if it is hell with you, too
i'll burn to death
because i love you
please give me one more chance
without you with me
i'm in endless trance
meet me in heaven
meet me in hell
meet me tomorrow 
and i'll forget my sorrow
i need you now
forever more
without your love
my heart is sore
i've made mistakes, but so have you
forgive me & i'll forgive you, too.
maybe is a crush 
let's give it a try
i know there is something more 
it's not just lust
you make me feel safe
it's you that i trust
remember that for you i'll go to hell & back
i'll walk over fire 
i'll walk over ice
please think about it twice

dedicated to:sebastian gonsalez
from:vanessa caceres
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Poem ID: 45918   Poem Posted: 9/13/2000
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Copyright , 5-5-2000, Jagninet Vanessa Caceres  all rights reserved by the author.
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