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by Vicky  Lambie

Sunshine on a rainy day,
Is the song the radio alarm is playing today.
I hear the words in my head, 
It's time to move, get out of bed.

Who knows what today will bring?
To the song along we sing.
Come on, baby, lets rock and roll, 
To the school you soon must stroll.

Was your hands and face and remember, 
Put the toothpaste away.
She walks around in a daze, 
Left alone she'd lie and laze.

No, i say you must go, 
Your education's important you know.
Now let me see what do we have?
What's the time? it's now half past, 

Put your shoes on your feet,
while i make you something to eat.
Eating now i watch the time, 
Tic toc, tic toc, it'[s nearly nine.
Watching every bite she takes, 
Come on i say you can't be late.

I sort her bag the night before, 
Grab it going out the door.
With her now all cosied up,
I kiss her lips and hug her tight, 
And ask her what would you like for tea tonight?
Surprise me is what she'll sometimes say, 
She can't make her mind up today.

Right my pudding it's time to go, 
And remember- no messing round 
You have to come straight home.
I wave to her going down the path, 
As she turns i see her laugh.
Love you, baby, and mind, be good, 
Aa it starts to rain- put up your hood.
Love you, mum, she will say. 
That's the way we start our day.
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Poem ID: 87281   Poem Posted: 12/8/2008
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Copyright , 02/12/08, Vicky Lambie  all rights reserved by the author.
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