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by Lisa K Fredregill

Wild hearts filled with blazing glory
Compassion?s eyes that run so deep
Fingers feeling and yet untouching
Senses aroused and easily pleased

Hard days night, into the morning
Rivers dry in it's widening bend
The road goes by, idle of traffic
Quietness, does my mind it spends

Alone now and I lay thinking
The room is still but moves in meld
Urges of life are so demanding
Remaining in a transit spell

Roars of thunder heard behind me
Rumbles felt beneath my feet
Lightning strikes in a far off distance
Rain drops beat upon my eave

Many thoughts of you are coming
Loving, touching, upon my face
Hands that reach across the table
Into my own with such mindless grace
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Poem ID: 12057   Poem Posted: 3/9/1999
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Copyright , 1997, Lisa K Fredregill  all rights reserved by the author.
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