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Woman of many winters and few springs
by Enrique Alberto Hurtado Minotta

         Woman of many winters and few springs 
         the step of the time already left in you 
         its irrefutable print 
         the summer already left with your adorable youth 
         the sun already doesn't rollick with your shade like before 
         stars no longer dance in the sky 
         and the moonlight doesn?t illuminate your autumnal figure 

         Woman of many winters and few springs 
         already the raindrops that caressed kindly 
         your sculptural figure and sweetened your angelical face; 
         Today they are already only memories that live in your soul 
         transformed into storms of solitudes. 

         Woman of many winters and few springs 
         You were the graceful happiness of the street summer 
         with flavor of freedom and fleeting loves. 
         Today in the autumn of your life 
         still waits at the sunset 
         with the look lost in the infinite 
         for who promised you the heaven 
         in a lustful night of summer 
         and left in the morning. 

         Woman of many winters and few springs 
         don't wait more for who never will arrive 
         in the autumn of your life. 
         because when he went away, leaving you 
         not only stole your heart but he took away your joy 
         and only a memory he left you 
         the sad smile of the sad-eyed girl 
         who every afternoon accompanies you to the pier. 

         Woman of many winters and few springs
         real life is this way.
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Poem ID: 12188   Poem Posted: 3/14/1999
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