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Words That Break
by Avery  Robertson

Spent all my days 
then my nights with you,
Your whispers and promises
still echo inside my soul.
We walked hand in hand,
you touched me places
no one ever had before...
then those words from her,
She loves you, you love her,
ripped me wide and I ran
and hid, but there was no
freedom from us.
How could you do that to us,
I believed in you, trusted you,
but you pushed me away
with your fling with her.
My only solace was the shower,
there I found silence in 
the torrents of water,
as I cried, as I fell to my
knees, water turned cold.
Sat in the dark for weeks,
never ate, couldn't talk,
and I never escaped the
visions of all our moments
spent together.
Watched the rain fall, saw
the seasons change and
sat watching the snow fall.
There was no light anywhere.
Then that message on the
phone, you begging me to 
forgive and forget;
It didn't mean anything, you said.
I cried all over again.
Why couldn't you leave me in
my numbness?
A year has come, and gone
and still you haunt my life.
I never realized how hard
it is to make it thru a day.
My fear?
Will it always be this way?
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Poem ID: 57291   Poem Posted: 3/4/2001
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