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Miss you
by Heather Marie Yarbroough

The way you walked,
your smile, 
the way you talked.

The way you said my name,
the way you made me cry, 
and all of your stupid little games.

I never thought you would go
and leave me forever.
All of my love for you
I wish I could show.

I know you are gone
but sometimes I don't believe it's true.
but I know you are now resting
in your heavenly home.

Your voice is slowly fading.
our memories will always last.
It's like I keep on waiting
for something that has already passed.

How could someone so young
who I wanted so bad to be mine
be gone from here?

But now you are a star in the sky
that brightly shines.

We truly miss you.
I wish you were still here,
but you are in a better place now,
and I promise you now have nothing to fear.

I've cried and cried
when you were here and since you've been gone,
but now there is nothing to hide.

You stole my heart
and I hate to say that you tore it all apart.

It's ok though,
I promise...
because you just taught me and I know
you really didn't mean to hurt me.
There were just things to me you had to show.

I want you to rest.
We will be in Heavan with you one day,
and we know God's love is best.

Please don't worry.
You will always be loved,
and the thought of the times we shared
always makes my eyes blur.

Rest in peace.
Fly with the angels.
Remember we love you
and we always will.

I will end this poem now.
I don't want to say good-bye
but I will figure out a way how.

I  blow you kisses
and send you hugs.
I know when I pray God listens
and sends me love.

I will see you again one day
in the beautiful kingdom above
when I can't really say,
rest now.
You are a beautiful angel above.

To:Jeffrey Warren Zipprian
Feburary 17,1978-March 26,2000
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Poem ID: 31327   Poem Posted: 5/4/2000
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Copyright , 4-24-00, Heather Marie Yarbrough  all rights reserved by the author.
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