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Best Friends Forever
by Julie  B?nger

Best friends could last forever,
Even if they are far apart from each other.
Still that friendship will last a lifetime.
Thank God for Faith who brought us together.

Friendship is a sign of love, fun and joy, 
And really, 
I'd be heart broken
If our friendship were to die.

Even if we fight once in a while,
Never will I forget the days we shared.
Don't I always remind you that you are like 
My sister and that I love you?

Friends will be the word spoken to 
Of coarse remind us of each other.
Relax and sit down because just a reminder that
Every night befor going to bed, I thank God

Very much that to this point, our friendship 
Is a never ending friendship that will last for Eternity.
Remember together or not, we will still be
            "Best Friends Forever!"
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Poem ID: 48557   Poem Posted: 10/24/2000
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