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by Patty  Woodman

As I flip on the switch, and take a seat,
Wait for the unit to boot,
My mind wanders, and I smile...

I wonder who's around today? 
My eyes glance at the time, 
Get that mental picture of
Who will "likely" be online.

As I connect to the "net",
I sit with baited enthusiasm, wondering,
Will I chat with an old friend, today?
Or, perhaps make a new one?

As I read the scrolling screen,
I see what people have to say.
I see them happy, I see their woes
Or just how they feel today.

I find someone in the chatroom,
perhaps with similar traits as mine.
We play, we flirt, and we find our place,
Our words be our true guide.

The words tell me all about them,
The words tell me how they feel.
Some laugh out loud, some cry, some sneer,
For some, what they say is real.

In front of you, you see my text,
Exactly as it appears.
Cannot see my face, nor hear my voice,
Only thoughts, with emotes can you endure.

We laugh at jokes,
We clown around.
We share our thoughts,
We stand our ground!

We are all so unique,
As we people can be.
We can chat from the heart,
We can set ourselves free.

We often battle with trust,
As netships blossom and grow.
In search of sincerity,
With those we get to know.

Wonder where the time goes,
As hours, months and years go past.
Time demonstrates no factor,
Where "Netships" build and last.

Netships, composed of people,
So close, yet so far apart.
Far in geographical distance, yet,
Sincerity continues in our hearts.
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Poem ID: 7662   Poem Posted: 9/21/1998
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Copyright , June,1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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