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My Everything
by   The Phoenix

Lying in bed, thoughts racing through my head like shooting stars 
streaking across the sky. Yet, opposed to the fiery stardust, 
my thoughts ran through the room with calls of your name. Memories of
your soft silky skin which I held so tenderly. Your eyes brighter 
than the pale moonlight reflecting off the ripples of a once still 
calm lake. My senses longed for you, every moment of you by my side 
made all of them heighten to their highest peak to bring out every 
detail that is you. My ears longed to hear the music which was your 
voice calling my name, speaking of carressing, of holding. 
Were you to be in my arms to hold forever, to protect from harm, 
to hold for comfort...all reason yet no reason at all. 
I could still hear the beating of your heart in this silence, slowly,
yet mine was beating swiftly, for the excitement and passion which 
was you. The space beside me was empty, I was alone, where are you? 
The rose which was your cheeks, soft petals, ruby red. 
If I didn't gaze into your eyes soon, how was I to survive? 
I want you, I need you, do you need me? Do you want me? 
The sands of time continued to pour, yet somehow when I was with you,
the amount heightened and created a desert...all the time with you. 
But now, your warm sweet breath was all that I knew, your name echoed 
through the darkness and turned it into light. The sun which was your 
smiling face rose above the darkness and chased away the moon which 
hung now low in the sky, returning to it's sleepful state.

From a distance, music played. Soon I found out, no, it wasn't music, 
it was your smooth calm voice speaking my name. 

Daylight had arrived and kissed my face with had arrived.
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Poem ID: 70347   Poem Posted: 4/28/2002
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Copyright , 2001, The Phoenix  all rights reserved by the author.
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