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by Shantae Donyae Thorpe

I?m on the first step
And the light is very bright
And when I look up
There?s nothing in sight.
So I hesitate for a moment
Because I am extremely scared
I?m not too sure if I should move on
Ignorance in me is feared

So while I?m pausing for a moment
I hear someone whispering my name
I?m curious of who it is
But the amount of nervousness is the same
I get bold for a second
As I step onto the next stair
I call out to the soft whisper
Yet no one does appear

I ask myself if I should turn back
And get back on the floor
But when I try to step back down
I realize the stairs are not there anymore
So I continue up the steps
And the voice is getting stronger
I?m debating on just jumping off
Because the fear I can?t take any longer

But I turn the other way
And decide to challenge my fears
I take a long deep breath
And I continue up the stairs
From the still quiet air
I feel a sudden breeze
Something just went passed me
And on that stair I freeze

Scared of knowing the unknown
But curiosity puts me on my way
I have to know who is calling
And what they have to say
I continue to climb up
And I am stopped by a tender touch
The voice says please take my hand
I miss you so much

When I look upon the face
A picture I will never forget
I can only smile from ear to ear
And reminisce on the day we met
I am left so speechless
I am just so happy that my wish has come true
I only ask for another chance
To spend some time with you

And now I have the chance
And what am I supposed to say
I prayed so much that this would happen
I prayed so hard for this day
But as I go to hug you for one last time
You start to fade from my sight
I don?t know what to do
So I just hold on to what is left, tight

But in a matter of seconds
Everything just disappears
Everything that was in sight
Is no longer there
I find myself back where I started
At the bottom, gazing above
To where I once was
With the guy with whom I?m in love

RIP: I Love You KaJuan
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Poem ID: 75453   Poem Posted: 2/26/2004
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Copyright , October 4, 2003, Shantae Donyae Thorpe  all rights reserved by the author.
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