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Friends with Problems
by Nicole Virginia Virginia

We were friends,
Friends with problems, but then again, 
  what friends don't have problems?
When we spent time together,
  we realized we liked each other's company.
When we looked past our problems,
  we learned we had a lot in common.
When we let ourselves have fun,
  we began to fall in love.
When you kissed me,
  I felt my body shake.
When you put your arms around me,
  I felt so safe.
When we were apart,
  all I did was think about you.
When we said it could never work,
  we only ended up hurting.
When we said we could stay friends,
  we ended up not talking.
Maybe we should have followed our hearts 
  and been together.
Or, maybe we should have stayed just friends like we planned 
  and not let our emotions get carried away.
Maybe then we would still be talking, 
  and maybe then I wouldn?t be hurting so bad.
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Poem ID: 69496   Poem Posted: 3/22/2002
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Copyright , 2001, Nicole Virginia Virginia  all rights reserved by the author.
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