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Maravillosa Madre
by John Joseph Thyne III

She never met a challenge yet
That caused her pause or to forget
The ones she brought into this world:
Her fine boys, her little girl.

They have their times, their moments too, 
Just as all good families do,
Yet adversity, pain, and strife,
Have not stopped their blessed life.

Who's the one that bears the blessing 
Keeping her babes from ever guessing 
If they're special, cared for and loved?
That their well-being was thought of?

Their guardian angel, "Mother Dear", 
Who protects them from want and fear;
And what's the price she earns for this? 
Unconditional love is her happiness.
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Poem ID: 18130   Poem Posted: 7/16/1999
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Copyright , July 13, 1999, John Joseph Thyne III  all rights reserved by the author.
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