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Looking Past You
by April N Hess

Someone calls out your name,
You turn around,
But look right past me.
What'd I do,
To make you like this?

What'd I do,
That you hate me so much?
Why can't you look at me,
And look into my eyes?

Why'd you leave,
With a good-bye?
I sit here and wonder,
What'd I did to you,
That you can't bare looking at me,
So you look past me?

I use to call out your name,
In my time of need.
You never came along,
To pick the pieces up...
Why do I bother,
Why do I even care,
Why do I let you get to me?

I don't know the answers 
To any of my questions.
You're the only one,
Who can answer them.
I'm tired of feeling lonely,
I'm tired of wondering why.
Why can't you just give me the answer, "why?"

I don't want life being like this,
Saddened by your pain,
Or by the future we could have had.
I wish I could take back,
Everything I'd done for you.
Then maybe I wouldn't feel so guilty.

I use to love you,
And I thought you loved me.
Now you don't even look at me.
I don't understand,
Why things have to be this way.

I didn't run away,
I was here all the time.
I stood up for you,
When everyone put you down,
And this is what I get in return.

If you never loved me,
Then why'd you reappear,
In my life so many times?
I thought I meant something,
Something more than a toy,
More than just a girl.

I thought I meant the world to you,
I thought you wanted to be with me forever.
Everything was a lie,
Why'd you have to lie?
Lieing kills,
And it's killing you more than me.

I told you the truth,
But I guess the truth hurt.
I don't know why I care anymore.
I'm leaving- this time for good,
I'm deleteing you out of my life,
Don't come back,
I'll just look right past you,
...Like you did to me.
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Poem ID: 76454   Poem Posted: 4/16/2004
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Copyright , 2003, April N Hess  all rights reserved by the author.
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