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by Jessica  Martinez

All alone what can I do
All I seem to think of is you
I look at the stars 
I feel it in my heart
The love that we share 
No one can compare

I prayed for a love like this for so long
Now,it's finally here I hope we don't go wrong
Together forever that's how we should be
Together forever for all eternity

I tell you my dreams 
I give you my world 
I'll love you until we grow old
Promise me you'll stand by me,
hold my hand and guide me 
Through all my fears and all my doubts
Cuz it's you I can't live without

You are my one true love and no one can take that away
I sing a song of love so sweet I wanna be with you everyday
I wake up in the morning with you next to me,
I stare at you while you're asleep
Everyday with you is a new beginning for me 
I know you love me, you make me complete

We used to have to hide our feelings 
but never let them fade away 
Now we express our love by the things we say
Take me with you wherever you go
Care for me every step of the way
What we share no one will ever understand
but you're my baby, you're my man

You never did me wrong
never hurt me, you stayed strong
Resisted the temptations
Kept me in your heart
The memories we share will always be there
The good times and the bad
The ones that make us happy and the ones that make us sad

No matter what happened you were always there
holding me and showing you care
I love you for being who you are
Protecting me and keeping me safe from harm
When I look in your eyes its no surprise
You never had to lie I understand
I know why

I could never leave, there is no need
I love where I am, who I'm with
I got what I want even a sweet kiss
Here's to the end
To our time together
For us being forever
To the moments I will always remember and always treasure
This I promise will always be true I'm glad I feel in love with you.
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Poem ID: 63297   Poem Posted: 7/20/2001
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Copyright , January 17, 2001, Jessica Martinez  all rights reserved by the author.
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