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My Reason to Live
by Genna  Rumble

Looking back over my life? 
Hurts and pains, happiness and gains,
What sticks out most... my broken heart.
Many years it lay inside me 
Unbeating, uncaring, unloving- torn to shreds;
Broken, bleeding... but you came and rescued me.

You breathed new life into my once lifeless soul.
You picked up the pieces and held me close.
You didn?t even know me- but you loved me anyway.

You came at just the right time. 
I was going to end it all that night.
The pills were counted out, lying on the desk beside me.
I saw your info on AOL- Location: "in your arms" is what I read.
I hesitated, with some pills in my hand, and read it again.
My heart beat fast, I clicked on your name- 
For what reason, I still don?t know.

All I was able to type was, "A/S/L"
And with that we ended up talking until four in the morning.
I enjoyed our talk so much.
I decided to hang for a little while longer.
After a few days, without even knowing it, 
You had become my reason to live.

We?ve had our ups and downs since then, 
But I look back and remember
How you came into my life so suddenly 
And carried me out of my deep, dark pit of despair.

You held me tightly, never loosening your grip.
No matter how hard I pushed and pulled away
You swore to me that you?d always hang on.
You?ve kept your promise true...
Mending my brokenness- breaking though my walls.

I can stand before you, omitting my masks.
I am able to share my entire life with you- and you alone.
My soul is bare before you.
I am secure in your arms- and your arms alone.
Nothing can harm me there.
I have found my reason to live!!
             I love you Joshua!
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Poem ID: 77529   Poem Posted: 8/9/2004
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Copyright , April 2004, Genna Rumble  all rights reserved by the author.
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