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by   Umpa

There was a day a long time ago
I met a gorgeous man I got to know
He was beautiful inside and out
He taught me what life is all about

I got to know him in some time
He was kinda poor, without a dime
I did his laundry and folded his clothes
He was cute but he had a big nose

He came into my life, watching over me
Standing there, as quietly as a tree
All he wanted was to be my friend
Staying that way until the end

My friend he was and so much more
I knew he would never walk out the door
My friend, my lover, with our special place
I hoped that one day we would finish the race

The road we took was hard and long
We never could pick our favorite song
He was there for me, always, all the time
I hoped that he would be forever mine

I loved him more than he ever knew
Especially when he was feeling blue
The decision we had to make was tough
But we always knew that life was rough

He looked so fine in windpants
I was so surprised when I saw he could dance
He was the best guy that I ever met
Even when we were in debt

I was always open and free
You were you and I was me
I will always love you with all my heart
Although we are about to part

So this is my last try
To change your mind before goodbye
A friend, a lover, and so much more
Is this the end of a relationship I adore?

This is dedicated to my monkey, 
you know who you are
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Poem ID: 58339   Poem Posted: 3/27/2001
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Copyright , 2001, Umpa  all rights reserved by the author.
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