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Missing You
by Anas Fouad Dibsi

Trembling across the road
Awakening in the blue
The glow of your face
Is leaving me again

What shall I do
How should I act
How can I enlighten you
With what?s beyond me?

Baby, how can I convey to you
That you are the one for me
Please believe me,
For you I live my life

with you, I see who I am
without you, I?m nothing but a cramp

Is this a dream?
God, I hope it's not
for you my love is true

Hiding behind myself
Searching for my soul
Trying nothing, but defining it

The moonlight surpasses me
The darkness is taking over me
The fear of losing you
Brings my dust to pain

And there I see
The sunrise is shining
When your arms are open
Wishing me a good morning

There when I realize that I was mistaken
And find this world is worth living in
Where shame is taking over all over the place
I found my light in your golden chain

All I want is you?
All I hope is this becoming true
Baby, don?t ever break my heart
And forever treasure my love

Dedicated to my first and only love
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Poem ID: 82621   Poem Posted: 3/29/2006
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Copyright , May 22, 2005, Anas Fouad Dibsi  all rights reserved by the author.
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