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Nothing But Lies
by Claudia Beatriz Escobar

Words come in, words come out,
Thoughts are spoken all throughout,
And each word vibrated by your vocal cords,
Is nothing more that a brutal lie.
The letters that flow in each sense of your words,
Are just as meaningful as if they were unheard,
Because my mind believes what you say is true,
But deep inside your words don?t come through,
Unknown to know where this generates and why,
For I haven?t understood why you?re nothing but lies,
Unbelief to believe what you say and do,
Because my mind tricks me and makes it all true,
And then after, everything is as clear as the sky,
I realize that you?re nothing but lies.
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Poem ID: 57226   Poem Posted: 3/4/2001
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Copyright , 01/25/01, Claudia Beatriz Escobar  all rights reserved by the author.
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