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My Window To The World !
by   Lonelygirl

You were my window to the world
And you meant the world to me!!!

I turned to you in happiness & hurt
And always thought you would be there for me

You were in the simple words which flashed across my face
And also the sweet feelings which still roam my mind

The love you taught me always made my heart swell 
You are filled in my thoughts which refuse to stay still

I turn back the pages and look through memory's space
Every little detail is still stored in its special place

I laugh at all the small things we managed to share
The wonderful gestures that reflected care

I watched in wonder at the bonds that grew
Is it even possible that one actually... withdrew?

I remember the hurt & anguish you caused me
I remember the love that hid all faults, by blinding me

Why you left me- I really don't have a clue
As I try to bring back the times that just flew

Oceans have become the waves of my tears
And desert storms raise in my heart filled with fears

How do I tell you, the way it's been for me?
I just can't stop thinking of you... did you ever love me?
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Poem ID: 74615   Poem Posted: 10/3/2003
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