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by Sandra Kay Prouse

"As the month begins to weep and cry
Tomorrow they will be a butterfly "

Deep within my heart resides a spirit of the wind
Seeking shelter from the pain that dominates my mind
Holding painful secrets that no one else can know
Feeling all the pain of life that no one else can show

Winding slowly through my mind, the thoughts of yesterday
Tender moments shared with loved ones that have gone away
Feeling all the emptiness deep within my soul
Filling it with love and kindness so that all will know

The sting of death can reach so far, no limit does it hold
Sometimes in the dark of night i feel its grasp unfold
A father that has held me close and wiped away my tears
A brother, i held tenderly and took away his fears

Moments that i cannot share for fear of pain so deep
Misery that fills my soul and causes me to weep
Sometimes in the early morning, when the sun comes up
The tears that stain my pillow will never be enough

Hold my heart with gentle hands, it breaks so easily
Take the sunshine from the sky and place it tenderly
Hold your soul against my breast and feel the peace i seek
Take a piece of heaven... and share it here with me
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Poem ID: 2237   Poem Posted: 3/7/1998
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