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by Bill  Charlton

My Love is like the sweetest scent of memory lightly heard   
Of links in past that formed hearts' bond in passions greatly stirred  
By need of Soulmate, friend and lover  
Knowledge there could be no other  
Love so deep or bond so strong 
Filled by sharing worlds gone wrong 
In, oh, so many ways  
My Love is like the sweetest sound that minstrel ever played 
The sound of water tinkling pure when desert's journey made   
A hell on earth and desperate need for sustenance and friend 
Was met in love, life's sharing bond; time willingly to lend
An ear of shared concern---- and elixir of life
Warmth of mind and body meet; the fortress of that wife  
Of all my dreams

My love is like the sweetest taste that life has ever brought  
That taste of need fulfilled in love, when body deeply wrought  
In hungers of the heart and mind---- was stilled and fed replete  
With music of the perfect soul, so heart and mind did meet
In feat of lovely oneness---- timeless meal
To feed life's journey---- bind and seal 
The bonding of our lives 
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Poem ID: 42409   Poem Posted: 8/8/2000
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Copyright , 1991, Bill Charlton  all rights reserved by the author.
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