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Why, if love...
by Rachie  K

Why, if love is such a wonderous thing
Does it not cause my heart to sing
To scream out loud, to feel alive
Because there you are by my side

Why, if love is such a beautiful feeling
And a prerequisite for healing
Do my wounds stay open, sore and weeping
Though you lie watching as I'm sleeping

Why, if love is such a natural state
Does it not diminish my capacity to hate
Or take every nasty, cynical bone
Somewhere else when you get home

Why, if love is so stupendous
Does it make me feel so horrendous
To taste the stench of disillusion
Too much chaos and confusion

Why, if love is such a magical force
Does it dismount me way off course
Or break me open with just one word
And cage me like a flightless bird

Why, if love is such a glorious gift
Does it not lift my spirits and will me to live
But make me cower, hide and crawl
And force my back against the wall 

--Perhaps I don't know love at all
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Poem ID: 81826   Poem Posted: 8/26/2005
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Copyright , 1998, Rachie K  all rights reserved by the author.
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