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My Tribute
by   I Am

Margery Kennedy, beautiful woman
 - lady that I adore;
  not a love of amour
   but retained by your rapport.
You were my friend who saw me out
 of a shell I self imposed
  and freed me from my own demise,
   uncertainty deposed.
Oh! The years have done you well,
 your face reflects with cheers
  the witty words and clever lines 
   we've shared throughout the years.
You have touched me in my life,
 and to my very soul,
  and if ever I had a wife,
   I'd hoped she'd cast your role.
Now, in this time of agony
 the world's a darker place
  without the blessing of your smile
   and radiance of your face.
And though you have removed yourself 
 from those who love you most,
  in this poem you'll always be,
   a welcome gracious ghost.
I bid you come and haunt me
 in your enchanting way,
  Marge, my dear, dear-dear friend,
   that I have lost today.
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Poem ID: 27363   Poem Posted: 10/6/2000
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Copyright , October 1987, I Am  all rights reserved by the author.
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