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For The Loss
by Mary Elizabeth Blessing

I come to you at midnight
  in a world most won't understand
Bridging time and space... to unite.
My emotional heart soars when I see you
And the heavens open to admit me.
Softly I walk into your shadow
  And more softly my hand rests on your shoulder.
All my strength it takes to hold back my tears
All my senses reel.
Slowly, at first, I begin
Retracing my footsteps
Reliving my accomplishments
Recounting my failures
Catching my breath and swiftly moving forward.
There is a need to share
  and the night moves quickly;
My words erupt;
The "why's" followed by yet more "why's."
My heart aches
  as the dawn approaches
For the loss, for the tears,
  For the years that God's stole from us,
For the boy that carries your name,
For my son who will never know his father.
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Poem ID: 2787   Poem Posted: 3/25/1998
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Copyright , March 23, 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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