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how do you say good-bye
by George M Anderson

Tonight I Danced Under The Stars With You
Holding You Close - Your Body Next To Mine
Thoughts Exploding In Rainbow's Colored Hues
Caught In The Rapture Of Your Beauty, So Divine

Fragrances, Swirling And Drifting Into My Mind
Dancing Together- 'Till The Moon Struck Dawn
Hiding From All, While Wrapped- One Intertwined
Knowing That, Maybe Soon, It Would All Be Gone

My Feet And Yours Never Touching The Ground
Gently Your Head Turned And Lips Touched Lips
Followed By Soft, Gently Caressing Finger Tips
Closed Eyes- Now Open- Slowly Meeting Mine
Twinkled With A Smile, Soon Followed By A Tear
Knowing That This Was... The Last Good-Bye

Love Is So Cruel And, As Always, Love Is So Kind
Tonight Peter Returns To... Never Neverland 
Empty Is His Hand; Heavy Is His Heart 
...Wendy Stayed Behind
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Poem ID: 746   Poem Posted: 1/10/1998
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