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I'll Remember You!!!!
by Alison M P

I remember our great times at Sunny Hill,
When every little thing, to us, was a thrill.
Through the good times and bad,
the laughs and tears we helped each other through,
I'll remember you.

Though fights and arguments were never a surprise,
then next morning we wake up and watch the sun rise.
The mountains, the lakes,
the beautiful view,
I'll remember you.

Then the night comes and the sun is low,
Hanging out in the game room, playing BINGO.
The horse races, the sports, 
Baci ball and shuffleboard, too,
I'll remember you.

Playing on the playground,
and lunch promptly at noon,
It starts to rain but we know it will end soon.
Whether the skies are cloudy, sunny, or blue,
I'll remember you.

Through summer loves and enemies,
I want you to remember one thing, please
If the next year comes and I'm not there,
I'm making you all a promise... I swear!
I love you with all my heart... it's true,
so, remember me as I was, and
I'll remember you.
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Poem ID: 63505   Poem Posted: 8/4/2001
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Copyright , July 8, 2001,  all rights reserved by the author.
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