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I wanted to
by Amy Faith LaNoce

I wanted to write a poem for you
   But couldn't rhyme the words
I wanted to sing a song for you
   But couldn't charm the birds

I wanted to see you look at me
   But couldn't see your face
I wanted to walk forever with you
   But couldn't keep your pace

I wanted to have you by my side
   But couldn't find you there
I wanted to hear your voice
   The pain was more than I could I bear

I wanted to hold you in my arms 
   Just one more time tonight
I wanted to have you here with me
   To know that it's alright

I wanted to look at the stars
   But couldn't see past the sun
I wanted to look into your eyes
   And tell you you're the one
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Poem ID: 22827   Poem Posted: 11/27/1999
Viewed: 29875  Voted On: 734  E-mailed: 687  Commented On: 26
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Copyright , November 10, 1999, Amy Faith LaNoce  all rights reserved by the author.
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