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by Raquel  Miranda

you know those tears sliding down my face
yeah, yours should be falling in their place
the reason is You- you're why i always cry
and nobody will ever explain to me, "why?"

why do memories of you become so real?
why is, when you're touching me the only time i feel?
how can you be the one who knows me so well?
who can tell when my smile is fake and when my life is in hell?

thoughout it all- you have been the one
that person who loves me, no matter what i've done
though, at the same time, you're the reason for my pain
the constant ache in my heart that still no one will explain

my tears, they form at the words you speak
and from my eyes they attempt to leak
if i were to smile the moment they fall
would you even notice my tears at all

with me, i think you see what you want to
never bothering to figure out what's actually true
right now my tears and smiles are whispers you can ignore
but soon they'll be screaming like they never have before!
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Poem ID: 79709   Poem Posted: 1/6/2005
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Copyright , 2004, Raquel Miranda  all rights reserved by the author.
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