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Would You Notice Me
by   ITSme

If we passed each other on the street today...
  would you notice me?
Or have any idea that my heart's been bared
  for the world to see?
Would you see my heart that's there
  right upon my sleeve
And just continue walking
  as if you've not seen me....
The one who's written volumes
  of secret dreams and passion
Of you and me together...
  of every sort and fashion
The one who's met you every night
  in that secret place
And has held and kissed you...
  in passionate embrace
Do you know that if I could
  and it was in my power
I'd want to spend one night with you
  or even.... just one hour
If we passed each other on the street today
  would you notice me?
I really don't think you would..... don't know me.
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Poem ID: 7209   Poem Posted: 8/25/1998
Viewed: 52246  Voted On: 1054  E-mailed: 555  Commented On: 25
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Copyright , August 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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