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All of it For You
by Avery  Robertson

Searching eyes look with hope
while the pounding heart waits;
Fear surges like hard, heavy rain
into tiny shards of crystal pain.

Grief lies before me, unyeilding,
while my trust is a prize for thieves.
Trapped in silence, I hold myself near
remembering love, but feeling fear...

Betrayed awakening can't be denied
so violently, brutally clear.
Breath imprisons me, the world will fade
into the dark. I will dwell within shade.

Crouched down upon the floor
I wait, I wish... I wonder...
how my jealous thoughts make me so ill.
Pushing it away, yet clinging to it still.

Eyes crushed into the mind
while the blur of white surrounds me.
Blaring, burning... water of hate.
A life pulled down, it must be fate.

Soothing blackness of an empty mind
softly descends to hold me close.
A whisper of promises to come,
a heart's comforting hum.

Slowly, the gentleness of lips upturned
-a snarl ripped apart by smiles-
hope grows in light so golden
a touch... a man... I am again beholden.
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Poem ID: 12069   Poem Posted: 3/9/1999
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Copyright , 1999, Avery Robertson  all rights reserved by the author.
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