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A Whisper
by   Falling Angel

talking politely to another
i stopped in mid thought
when the woman asked, 
"is everything okay?"
i replied, it was fine-
just the whisper of wind.

you felt what was unsaid.
i saw in the shadow
that passed your eyes
the whisper of concern.
when, at last, the talk ended
your mother returned indoors.
to the swing you came
standing against the porch rail,
two hours at least.

the night, cooling with shadows,
pulling me into your warmth.
you asked what i heard...
"the whisper of mourning,
the beginning of her death."
i knew you wouldn't really know
what those words meant
but it didn't matter.
you accepted the whisper's truth
knowing that it affected me.

silence was peaceful in your arms;
i didn't want to leave you then.
you would be gone soon,
far from my touch,
unprotected by my love.

we spent the night whispering
of stories and hopes and dreams.
i never told you i loved you, 
even as dawn pinkened the sky.
then life stole you away
...only death bringing you home 
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Poem ID: 26516   Poem Posted: 8/19/2001
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Copyright , 08/1999, Falling Angel  all rights reserved by the author.
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