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The Bottle
by How  About No Scott

Sun rises, I'm floating
Sun sets, I'm still floating
Clouds condense and rain drops
I'm wet, tired, but still fighting

I wonder if I'll ever get to the other side
These waves are torturing me
I've given up hope of ever being found
I'm cursed to die in the sea

I have many dreams and a fantasy
That she'll find me one day
She'll take out the letter and read through my heart
And there will be no more to say

I often think of this and pray
For I know the truth hurts and it's near 
I don't have much time
And nothing else to fear

While I wait here dreaming
The waves keep pounding harder
I don't know how much I can take this
As the water drifts me farther

Every time I think I can't breathe
Something inside is there to fight
Not anymore
This is the last time I write
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Poem ID: 57751   Poem Posted: 5/18/2001
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