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by Erica Lorraine Bowman

The tranquility of his soul soothes me.
Undeniable sensations of passion flowing through his veins,
Making the deepest part of my heart leap.
Serenity sets in his eyes, peace sets in his smile.

Feelings of joy abound, feelings of wonderment bubble forth.
A sweet melodious tune echoes through the center of my mind.
The powerful inclination of being cherished is satisfied.
Speaking soft words, whispering sweet thoughts to the heart.
Sweet laughter abounds from the innocence of his style.

The certainty of solidness, supports my very soul.
As we searched for the peace of one 
To love, hold, share our lives with, 
The tranquility of his soul soothes me.
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Poem ID: 15354   Poem Posted: 11/12/2001
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Copyright , May 21, 1999, Erica Lorraine Bowman  all rights reserved by the author.
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