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If I was only..
by Morten  Kalland

If I was only a rose, you could pick me,
     smell me, enjoy the sight of me.
If I was only a dog, you could pet me, 
     cuddle me, play with me.
If I was only chocolates on your table, you could eat me,
     enjoy the taste of me, still your hunger with me.
If I was only water in the brook, you could hear me,
     let me pour through your fingers, or still your thirst with me.

If I was only the sun, I could warm your skin,
     brighten your day, and warm your soul.
If I was only the wind, I could play with your hair,
     dry your wet skin, and blow gently over you a warm summerday.
If I was only the moon, I could light up the night for you,
     guard you while you slept, or smile down at you from a starlit sky.
If I was no more than a straw in the meadow, you could pick me,
     put me in your hair, and become beautiful with me.

Still, I am none of these, I am only the man that loves you,
     wants to caress you, kiss you.
I am only the soul that will shine in your splendour,
     be happy in your company, and love you more than life itself.
However, if I were all these, I would still just be myself,
     who could ever be more happy than me, 

Knowing I love you, more than life itself.
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Poem ID: 2865   Poem Posted: 3/29/1998
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Copyright , February 23, 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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